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Ifotam Co. Ltd.

       Ifotam Co. Ltd. was founded in 1989 by:

  • Center of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies (CBMiM) of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN), in £ódľ, Poland
  • Pharmaceutical Institute in Warsaw, Poland
  • Scientific workers employed by CBMiM

       Ifotam’s basic activity is focused on technology development, manufacturing, analyzing and selling of organic chemistry products, especially active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) based on patent and licenses received from scientific Institutions and based on our own technologies. The products are manufactured according to GMP quality assurance system for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The scope of our activities includes:

  • Optimization of chemical compounds synthetic path
  • Optimization of chemical processes
  • Process validation and process scaling up
  • Preparation of registration documentation for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
  • Determination of impurity profile for active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
  • Stability studies
  • Preparation of analytical specifications
  • Chemical substances analysis
  • Manufacturing of pilot scale batches for stability studies
  • Manufacturing batches for clinical trials
  • Production of active substances (API)
  • Production of highly-processed organic chemistry products

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3  Andrzejewskiej street
92-550 £ódľ

Phone (+48 42) 682 56 55
Phone (+48 42) 254 22 00
   Fax (+48 42) 684 73 80

e-mail: wpifotam@ifotam.com.pl

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