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Ifotam Co. Ltd.

       For many years Ifotam has been establishing collaboration with many scientific and research and development institutions. Ifotam’s employees have necessary knowledge and practical expertise in putting production of API into practice.  After many years of gaining of production experience Ifotam has specialized in manufacturing according to the GMP quality assurance system applied to manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs). Ifotam’s personel skills  were confirmed by many positive audits executed by our clients and by FDA in 2001 and 2008. Products are sold to UE countries, USA and Russia.

       Today Company employs 32 persons. The crew members are highly educated and experienced , many of which possessed scientific degrees and have been specialist trained.

       Ifotam is located in 112 Sienkiewicza street, £ódľ, in the building rented from CBMiM PAN. On the premises are placed rooms dedicated to Ifosfamide production (API). The second company site was built in 2008 also in £ódľ at 3 Andrzejewskiej street after company joined the Sector Operational Program “Improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises” within the confines of European union funds. The Subsidy allowed to construct the state of art building with area approx. 2000 m2.

       In the building there are production part with production rooms, so called clean rooms, chemical stores and technical back-up facilities. Production rooms and equipment are dedicated to each product and can be used for manufacture such active pharmaceutical ingredients as citostatics, hormones and other substances of high biological activity. Final production steps can be carried out in rooms with controlled purity of air (so called clean suites) allowing to manufacture APIs used further for production of injection drug forms. In new building there are also Management, Quality Control Department and Research and Development Department. Quality Control Department has implemented accepted by FDA quality assurance system, which is necessary to register pharmaceutical substances. Analytical Laboratory equipment includes automatic gas and liquid chromatographs, spectrophotometers, polarymeters, automatic titration systems etc. Presently Ifotam commenced preparation to start Microbiological Laboratory operation. Research and Development Department is located in the separate, equipped in up-to-date equipment laboratories. R&D collaborates closely with Quality Control Laboratory on elaboration of new technology and registration dossier of new products.

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